Perma Lux Pink Matte - 11 - 43170


These are size 11 seed beads from the Czech Republic. Size 11 is slightly smaller than size 10. Each bead is approximately 2mm.

These beads are sold by the hank. Each hank has 12 strands with a total of approximately 4,000 beads. Lined up on a needle, roughly 17 beads = 1 inch (25mm). 

A size 11 or smaller needle is appropriate for these beads. Nymo size O, B, or D (D being the thickest, O the thinnest) thread is ideal for these beads or Fireline 4 or 6lb.

The seed beads in the PRECIOSA PermaLux colours are dyed - they have been tested by Preciosa for washing in water and resistance to alcohol. However, we do not recommend using the surface colored seed beads in textile applications that will be washed.